“High” Rider Nabbed after Handing Illegal Plant Instead of License

“High” Motorcycle Rider who Handed Illegal Plant Instead of Driver’s License Arrested

Police authorities arrested a motorcycle rider who was discovered to be “high” after handing out illegal plant instead of a driver’s license

A motorcycle rider was apprehended at a checkpoint after authorities discovered an illegal plant in his hands. According to the police report, the rider was stopped at a checkpoint in Malabon to have his documents checked.

High Rider Illegal Plant

When the authorities inquired for his driver’s license, the rider appeared to be “high” and ignorant that he had given an illegal substance. James Brian Obsequias, 20, was identified as the suspect.

According to the report, instead of a license, the suspect reportedly handed over two sachets of marijuana and a pipe used to smoke the illegal plant at the checkpoint. When apprehended, the suspect attempted to reclaim the illegal substances.

The biker indicated that he used marijuana to assist treat his asthma symptoms. The suspect is being held at the Malabon detention center and is charged with violating RA 9165, often known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

A police checkpoint is a temporary place where officers stop and inspect vehicles and their passengers. Typically, police checkpoints are set up on roads or highways to enforce traffic regulations, maintain public safety, and deter criminal activity.

Checking for intoxicated drivers, confirming driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, enforcing seat belt requirements, or searching for illegal substances or weapons are some of the reasons for setting up a checkpoint.

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