Angeline Quinto Shares Sweet Birthday Suprise For Partner

Nonrev receives this surprise from Angeline Quinto on his birthday.

ANGELINE QUINTO – Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto shares how she prepared to surprise her partner on his birthday.

After giving birth to Sylvio, power diva Angeline Quinto became more open about her partner and their life as a couple. Through her videos on YouTube, the public gets the chance to see how they are as a couple and as parents.

They are also now engaged and are open about talks regarding their marriage.

But for now, their priority is their baby. She doesn’t want to rush this matter in their relationship. She gave birth at 32 and after giving birth, she realized what a wonderful experience it is to become a mother.

But before being a mother, she is her partner’s partner. And currently, she juggles her three roles: as a mother, a partner, and an artist.

And in her recent video, she shared how she prepared a surprise for her partner Nonrev. She planned a part for him for his birthday and for Father’s Day. She invited his family and closest friends.

She established her plan by first telling him that she will not be there on his birthday as she has work. On the day of the surprise, she asked him to take Sylvio with him as they will meet their bosses for dinner.

And she was successful. He was surprised. In the video, Angeline collected messages from people closest to him for his birthday.

Watch the whole celebration below:

Meanwhile, Angeline shared that she and Nonrev are planning to get married in the US because it is what his mother has requested. They have planned to do it before but did not push through because Sylvio was so young.


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