6 Chinese National Nabbed for Operating Abortion Clinic in Parañaque

6 Chinese National Operating Abortion Clinic Arrested in Parañaque

Police authorities arrested six (6) Chinese nationals for allegedly operating an abortion clinic in Parañaque City.

Six Chinese nationals and one Filipino were apprehended in Parañaque City during a buy-bust operation at an alleged abortion clinic. According to Maj Gen Edgar Okubo, chief of the National Capital Region Regional Police Office, their operative purchased the abortion drugs at the aforementioned clinic.

Chinese Abortion Clinic Parañaque

Okubo stated on Tuesday that there was an immediate arrest inside the clinic and confiscation of these medications. According to the report, they observed that the clinic was large on the inside and that there were traces of blood.

 “There was an immediate arrest inside the clinic and confiscation of these medicines. Doon natin nakita na napakalaki sa loob pala,” he also said. “Until now, they are accounting these medicines,” he said.

“And meron din palang clinic sa loob for abortion purposes. So may mga traces pa ng blood na naiwan doon. We are completing the investigation as of this time,” Okubo added.

In the Philippines, abortion is considered a crime. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a doctor or midwife who performs an abortion with the agreement of a pregnant woman in the Philippines faces up to six years in prison under the Revised Penal Code.

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