LGBTQ Member Shares Video of Her Dad Showing Support During Pageant

Unconditional Support: The Heartwarming Story of LGBTQ Member and Her Father

An LGBTQ has shared a heartwarming video of her beloved dad showcasing his unconditional support during a pageant.

A video uploaded by Violet Huelar has captured the hearts of netizens, showcasing the unwavering support and pride of her father as he watches her participate in a pageant. The video has been described by netizens as a display of “judgment-free smiles” and unconditional love.

According to Violet, her father has always been her biggest supporter in every pageant she joins. It becomes Huelar’s tradition to show respect to his father by putting the crown on his head.

LGBTQ Member

“Every pageant, my papa is always there to support me. He is always saying that whether I win or lose, I got him. When I win a certain pageant, it is my tradition of [paying] my respect to him by putting the crown on his head,” Violet said.

Violet expressed that her father’s support serves as her motivation to strive for the crown. “I am super happy and my eyes couldn’t stand the overflowing tears. His yes and support will be my motivation,” he added.

The heartwarming video has garnered praise from netizens, each sharing their admiration and appreciation for the father’s unconditional support. The display of love and encouragement between Violet and her father has resonated deeply with viewers.

@markchrstnramos I am crying papa😭🫶🏻 advance happy father’s day🫶🏻 I love you so much from your daughter Violet and from your son Mark🫶🏻 #pridemonth #gay #lgbt ♬ original sound – &lt3

In a world that often judges and critiques, the video serves as a reminder of the power of unwavering support and acceptance. The father’s beaming smile, free from judgment demonstrates the love he has for his daughter and the pride he feels in her accomplishments.

LGBTQ Member

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LGBTQ Member

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