Ana Jalandoni Willing to Cast Kit Thompson in Her Produce Films

Ana Jalondi Reveals She is Willing to Include Ex-boyfriend Kit Thompson in Her Produce Film

Actress and film producer Ana Jalandoni revealed that she is willing to cast her ex-boyfriend Kit Thompson in her produce film.

Ana Jalandoni is a film producer as well as an actress. In fact, the two films he produced, ‘Manipula’ directed by Neal Tan, and ‘The Morning After’ directed by Xian Lim, are already complete.

Ana Jalandoni Produce Kit

Meanwhile, Ana was asked in the mediacon of her new film “Revelation” if she would be willing to cast her ex-boyfriend, Kit, in her upcoming picture. She responded yes, depending on the story, and added that Kit is an excellent actress.

 “Oo naman, maybe in the future, di ba? Depende sa istorya, magaling na aktor si Kit. Hanga ako sa kanya,” said Ana.

According to reports, she and Kit are no longer speaking, and their case is still ongoing. In 2022, there are rumors of Kit Thompson being imprisoned for physically abusing his then-partner Ana Jalandoni. It was eventually confirmed, and Jalandoni even gave interviews in which she detailed what had happened.

Jalandoni stated in a previous piece, months after the incident erupted online, that she has already forgiven him. However, the charges against him will be pursued. Ana’s injuries from violence necessitate surgery in order for her to be treated.

Meanwhile, Ana will soon appear in another film. She appears in the film ‘The Revelation,’ which opens in theaters on June 21. In the film, she will play the role of Gwen, a bartender.

Her brother is going to make her entertain men. Because of her job, she becomes the target of a serial killer who despises women who work in that industry.

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