Dog Infected with Rabies Bites 14 Residents in San Fernando City

14 Residents in San Fernando City Alleged Bitten by a Dog Infected with Rabies

At least 14 residents suffer dog bite after allegedly being bitten by a dog infected with rabies in San Fernando City.

14 inhabitants of San Fernando City’s Barangay Calulut were brought to the hospital after being bitten by a rabies-infected dog. According to authorities, the majority of dog bite victims were youngsters.

The dog can be seen entering the store on the CCTV footage from a talipapa in the said barangay. A few moments later, the dog abruptly pounced and nipped the female guard, who was sitting and resting.

Dog Rabies San Fernando

In another CCTV clip, a child is seen suddenly collapsing as they walk out of their front door. He was also assaulted by the dog, which bit her in the face. The dog that bit was discovered to be a Belgian Malinois. He died after being apprehended and beaten by residents who were afraid of being strangled as well.

The dog tested positive for rabies at the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. According to Manlapaz, it is probable that the dog transmitted the rabies virus to the persons who were bitten.

If it is not treated immediately, the sufferers may die from the disease’s infection. Based on the report, those who were bitten by the dog were taken to the hospital and given an anti-rabies post-exposure immunization.

It is currently unknown who owns the dog that bit. Dog owners are required by the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 to vaccinate and register their pet dogs against rabies. Owners are also liable for any medical expenses incurred as a result of a pet bite. Kagawad Dario Dizon of Barangay Calulut urged locals to tether their pets.

Animal impounding activities were carried out in the region and would continue till next week in the neighboring barangays. There will also be a vaccination push in various barangays for rabies booster vaccinations for pets.

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