Isko Moreno Show-off Iconic Dance Amid First Day as Eat Bulaga Host

Isko Moreno Dances Signature Dance “Dying Inside to Hold You” in Eat Bulaga

Former Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno show-off his signature dance during his first as new host of new Eat Bulaga.

Yorme Isko was presented as the guest co-host of the relaunched noontime show on this Saturday episode of new Eat Bulaga, June 10, 2023. He made his entry by dancing to the iconic “Dying Inside To Hold You” dance tune from the 1990s.

Isko Moreno Eat Bulaga

During his 2007 campaign for vice-mayor of Manila, the dance became his hallmark dance tune. Paolo Contis joked that Isko had forgotten his dance moves. According to the actor-politician, he last danced on a GMA-7 program thirty years ago.

According to the article of Pep, while he was a member of That’s Entertainment in the 1990s, Isko’s signature dance song was “Ang Achy Breaky Heart”—originally named “Don’t Tell My Heart” and popularized by Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ father, in 1992. Isko was tired of “Achy Breaky Heart” because it was the song he used to dance to.

As a result, when he campaigned for vice-mayor of Manila in 2007, he incorporated “Dying Inside To Hold You” in his campaign, as well as his own dance choreography. Isko carried his remarks said backwards on his first day on the contentious noontime show.

“Balita ko, masaya todits. Huwag kayong aalis. Diyan lang kayo gedli, bandang wakali, bandang nanka. Nandito na kami,” Isko’s message for the televiewers.

Isko appears as a “guest co-host” on Eat Bulaga!, but he might soon become a regular co-host, especially if TV viewers like him. When the public saw Isko on Eat Bulaga, their reactions were mixed. Some individuals were pleased, yet the criticism would not go away.

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