Angelica Panganiban Adorable Interaction w/ Bean Touches Many Hearts

Netizens have these comments on the adorable interaction between Angelica Panganiban and her baby Bean.

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN – Netizens couldn’t help but gush over Baby Bean’s cute smiles and how she interacts with her mother.

Baby Bean‘s smile will surely brighten your day. It looks like she was able to get her mother’s bubbly personality. Bean is Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan‘s daughter. She is now eight months old.

In her posts, she would always highlight how Bean is truly a happy baby.

Gregg and Angge have always been generous in sharing details about their child ever since. They are living low-key but with Bean’s bright smiles, they would still capture much attention online. The parents would also often share Bean’s little achievements.

Just like in their newest videos. Angelica shared that now that Bean is eight months old, she is now allowed to eat some solid food. They gradually give her the food she can eat and they are mainly fruits. They always make sure Bean eats healthy and organic foods.

And when she turns 9 months old, she will be given more like shredded chicken.

In their newest vlog, Angge shared some of Bean’s favorite and least favorite foods to eat. She loves watermelons but she doesn’t like boiled eggs. What they do is they just continue to give her what she doesn’t like to make her get used to it.

Angge also shared a recipe she saw online where she was able to make her baby eat fruits in a more fun way.

The actress is indeed a very hands-on mother. She does almost everything for Bean and she is most especially hands-on with what Bean eats.

But apart from being a very hands-on mom, what many people also admire is their relationship. They have this adorable interaction that captivated many hearts and Bean can now answer her blabbering as if she really understands what her mother says.

Both Angge and Gregg talk to Bean in a very gentle way. They talk to her in a normal and it seems like they are doing great in this. Bean has become really interactive and talkative.

Check it out below:

Here are some comments:

Akala ko noon madaling mairritate si Angie kapag may baby na sya, hindi pala..she’s so patient

Napaka wife material talaga ni Angge,ang swerte din ni Greg pareho sila, mga hindi maarte

Super aliw lang ang peg sa video na ito.

Nakaka excite kung gaano magiging kadaldal si bean pag marunong na talaga mag salita hahaha

Nakaka wala ng pagod si bean


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