Xander Arizala Parents Call Makagwapo: “Gusto nilang ipa-rehab si Marlou”

Makagwapo Reveals Parents of Xander Arizala Called Saying He Will Undergo Rehab

Social media personality Christian Merck Grey or popularly known as Makagwapo reveals that the parents of Xander Arizala call him.

The content creator recently revealed that he received a call from Xander Arizala’s parents. Merck just posted a vlog on his YouTube account in which he provided an update on the situation between him and the social media personality.

He was meant to film a video of himself chatting with Xander’s parents but he decided not to. Makagwapo began his video by saying that Xander’s parents informed him the truth about what transpired after he gave him PHP 350,000.

Xander Arizala Parents Rehab

In the video, he stated that Xander’s parents informed him that their son had not returned home for two days. According to the content creator, Xander filmed himself pretending to be drunk before leaving their house and never returning.

“Pagkabigay ko kay Marlou ng 350k, hindi pala umuwi si Kalapangit nang dalawang araw,” he said, referring to Xander. “Pagkabigay ng pera, nagbidyo si Marlou kunwari na nag-iinom-inom tapos umalis pala [at] hindi umuwi.”

On May 31, 2023, Xander posted a video in which he thanked Makagwapo for giving him PHP 350,000. He can also be seen smoking a cigarette and consuming an alcoholic beverage while speaking to the camera.

Merck also stated that Xander returned to his residence after two days and that he only had P30k left, adding that Xander purchased something for his house and that what is left is PHP 13k.

He was disappointed, he said, when he discovered that Xander had spent the money intended for his “inaanak.” On June 2, 2023, Xander stated that he would return the money and instructed Makagwapo to remove the video of the two of them conversing inside the car.

At that moment, Xander disclosed that PHP 13,925.25 was all that was left. Merck was also informed by Xander’s parents of the reason for their want to speak with him.

 “Gusto nilang ipa-rehab si Marlou,” Merck said. The content creator also stated that he informed Xander’s parents that he and Xander had not spoken since he received the money. He then informed Xander’s parents that he had attempted to contact Xander but had been unsuccessful.

“Sabi ko, ‘Okay lang po ba sa inyo na bibidyo po ako?’ [Tapos] sabi ko, ‘Sasabihin ko po yung mga nangyari para po aware din yung mga tao kung ano ba talaga ang nangyayari’,” he said in his vlog.

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