Lady Student Reaches Out for Support to Achieve Her Dream of Graduation

Lady Student Seeks Help Online to Achieve Her Dream of Graduation

PISO PARA MAKATAPOS – Jodie Paredes, a graduating student from Naga College Foundation, Jodie Paredes, is reaching out for assistance in achieving her dream of graduation.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, graduation holds not only personal significance for her but also carries the weight of her parents’ hopes and sacrifices. As the eldest child, Jodie is driven to alleviate the burdens placed upon her parents, who have supported her throughout her educational journey.

Throughout her four years at NCF, Jodie has been fortunate to receive discounts for academic excellence and alumni benefits during her senior high school studies. To further support her parents, she joined the college choir in March 2019.

Lady Student

For four years, she actively participated until the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the choir’s activities and halted scholarship opportunities. Although the scholarship wasn’t full, it played a significant role in lightening her parents’ financial responsibilities.

However, the pandemic exacerbated the financial strain she faced.

Jodie’s father, Ernesto Paredes, works as a postman in their municipality and is a person with disabilities (PWD) as well as a senior citizen. Unfortunately, his earnings are limited as he works on a contractual basis. Jodie’s mother, Ludevina Paredes, works as a domestic helper.

Despite the challenges they encounter, Jodie has never heard her parents utter words of discouragement or defeat. Instead, their unwavering support has always emphasized finding solutions and persevering through hardships.

In an attempt to fulfill her dreams and alleviate her parents’ financial burdens, Jodie is reaching out for support. As the pandemic has taken its toll on their resources, Jodie finds herself needing to settle a tuition balance of P43,421.45 for the current semester, in addition to a graduation fee of P5,225.

Her goal is to secure funding amounting to P48,646.45, covering these expenses and enabling her to graduate on June 30, 2023.

Lady Student Lady Student Lady Student


Jodie remains hopeful that the generosity of others will help her reach her target. She believes that any contribution, regardless of size, will make a significant difference. Jodie recognizes the value in even the smallest act of kindness, and she trusts that her request for support will not go unnoticed.

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Lady Student

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