Gas Station Employee Jailed After Allegedly Touching V-Hire Passenger’s Leg

Alleged Inappropriate Touching Incident: Gas Station Employee Mauled and Denies Accusations

A gas station employee has been arrested for allegedly touching the leg of a V-Hire passenger in Cebu City.

Cebu City, known for its vibrant energy, was struck by an incident involving a gasoline station employee who stands accused of inappropriately touching a female passenger in a van-for-hire (v-hire).

While the accused denies the allegations, he now finds himself in detention, facing an act of lasciviousness charge.

Gas Station Employee

According to Police Major Jonathan Taneo, chief of Mambaling Police Station, the incident took place on May 28, 2023 inside a v-hire traveling from Cordova to Cebu City.

The 18-year-old complainant from Toledo City said Roland Gucon, a 20-year-old pump attendant from Zamboanga, touched her leg while traveling through Cebu City. In order to protect her privacy, the complainant asked that her identity not be revealed, and she also declined to give interviews through a representative.

Witnesses accompanying the complainant inside the van, on the other hand, presented their accounts of what happened. They claim she yelled and accused Gucon of inappropriate contact, inciting her male companions to assault him bodily.

Gucon vehemently denies any intentional wrongdoing and asserts that he was merely asleep inside the van when the alleged incident occurred. Speaking on lawyer Ruphil Bañoc’s Straight to the Point program, Gucon stated, “Nakatulog ra man ko ato” (I was sleeping at that time).

Providing further context, Gucon explained that he had been drinking with his cousins and friends in Cordova before embarking on the van ride back to mainland Cebu. He stated that he was unaware of his actions, claiming that his hand unintentionally landed on the complainant’s leg.

Gucon was apprehended as a result of a citizen’s arrest instigated by the complainant’s companions, who immediately reported the incident to the Mambaling Police Station. Concerned relatives from Mindanao turned to local radio stations for help in staying informed about Gucon’s condition and communicating with him.

Meanwhile, Police Major Taneo stated that they are seeking bail recommendations from the municipal prosecutor. He also stated his willingness to accommodate Gucon if he decides to pursue physical injury allegations against those who assaulted him.

In a surprising turn, Gucon expressed his desire to reach a settlement with the complainant, hoping that it would allow him to resume his work at the gas station.

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