Angelica Panganiban Shares Beautiful Story Behind Baby’s Name

This is the story behind Amila Sabine’s name, the baby of Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan.

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN – This is the beautiful story behind Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan’s baby’s name, Amila Sabine.

The daughter of Angelica Panganiban and Gregg Homan is now 8 months old. The couple is generous in sharing Bean with the public through their social media posts. They are vocal about their journey as parents and Bean’s achievements.

As much as we all know, “Bean” is just their baby’s nickname. Her full name is Amila Sabine and she has become a social media darling. Many people are so fond of her adorable videos.

Now, what is the story behind the name Amila Sabine?

In a new vlog, Angelica and Gregg did a sit-down vlog, similar to their first-ever video. This also marks their one year on YouTube.

Through their social media, they asked their followers what they would to know about them. They have received a lot of questions and in their new video, they answered some of them. And the first question is about the story behind their baby’s name.

According to Gregg, he has given the baby the nickname “Bean” as it looked literally like a bean when he saw her in the ultrasound. As time goes by, they were thinking about what name to give, “Sabine” pops into his mind and Angge liked it.

As for Amila, Angge shared that she wanted her baby to be named after the name of her adoptive mother whose name is Melania David Panganiban. People call her Mila and since their names start with the letter A, she also wanted to do the same with her daughter and Amila was created.

It’s actually a name she already has in mind even before she got pregnant.

Watch their vlog below:


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