Nico Bolzico Gives 5 Tips On How To Drink W/o Regrets

Nico Bolzico Gives Five Tips On How To Consume Alcohol Guilt-free

NICO BOLZICO – Solenn Heussaff’s husband Nico Bolzico gave five tips on how to drink without feeling guilty.

You need to find a balance and stick to your limit in all you do. When you drink, this is particularly true. You can’t just let your enjoyment of booze take over and let yourself get absolutely wasted.

To be in control of yourself and your environment, you must maintain sobriety. Hence, restraint in drinking is required.

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How precisely do you do that? Let Nico Bolzico and Diageo Philippines demonstrate how vital it is to stay to one’s alcohol consumption limitations with their Stay to Your Limit campaign, which aims to promote responsible drinking by offering helpful advice and reminders. To serve as the campaign’s ambassadors, Diageo has teamed up with brothers-in-law Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff.

Based on a report from Philstar, Nico offered the following five pieces of advice to help you stick to your limits so you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty the next day:

1.  Decide how much alcohol you must consume.

You just need to identify your own limits because everyone has them. Being certain of your actual limit is the first step toward maintaining it. The quantity of alcohol that the body can digest in one hour is around 10 grams, or one standard unit, of alcohol. You should only consume the recommended amount that your body can handle because exceeding this limit increases your chance of mishaps, hangovers, and even lifelong health issues.

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2.  Eat before and after drinking alcohol at all times.

By keeping food in the stomach longer, food slows down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. “When your stomach is empty, you feel the effects of your drinks faster. I always make sure I eat something before I start dinking. You can also eat something while you’re drinking to counter the effects of the alcohol,” Nico explains.

3.  Alternate water and alcohol.

Dehydration can result from drinking alcohol since it causes the body to lose fluid. Alternating between drinks is a practical way to drink sensibly and make sure you’re staying below your limit. After consuming an alcoholic beverage, make sure you drink a full glass of water to avoid being dehydrated.

4.  Avoid drinking and driving.

This is a common refrain due to the fact that drinking while driving is dangerous. Drinking hinders your concentration and vision, so even though driving may seem like a routine, everyday action that you’re used to, Bolzico warns that it’s one of the biggest no-nos of drinking. It affects your capacity to exercise sound judgment or make decisions immediately. Decide how you’re going to get home if you plan to drink. Ask a friend or sibling to accompany you, pick you up, or perhaps arrange for transportation home.

5.  If you are experiencing worry or any other negative emotion, refrain from drinking.

Alcohol consumption raises your likelihood of any existing depression, anger, or anxiety symptoms getting worse because alcohol is a depressant in and of itself. You are more likely to exceed the recommended limits of alcohol consumption if you feel any of these things before drinking. Therefore, avoid drinking if you’re upset.

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