Xander Arizala Grateful to Christian Merck Grey After Receiving Money

Xander Arizala Thanks Christian Merck Grey for Giving the Money He Promised

Internet personality Xander Arizala thanks Christian Merck Grey or popularly known as Makagwapo for giving the money he promised.

Xander allegedly posted a video on Facebook after getting the money from Merck. In his video, Xander gave his perspective after meeting with Makagwapo and receiving the money he had been waiting for.

Xander revealed that his kid Xeres’ supposed “ninong” appeared at his residence on Tuesday night. His initial aim is to talk to Makagwapo inside his residence in order to resolve their disagreement.

Xander Arizala Merck Money

However, as seen in Makagwapo’s vlog, they have a talk inside the automobile. Xander then stated that he will include additional details regarding their conversation in his future upload. The social media star subsequently updated his followers, stating that he had already received PHP 350,000 from Makagwapo and expressing his gratitude to him.

 “Good news! Dumating si Merck Grey at dala niya yung pera na ipinangako naman talaga sa akin. Pero alam niyo guys, napakabait ni Merck Grey kasi ‘di naman siya ano e. Kumbaga hindi siya mahirap kausap,” she said in his video.

In his video, he also shows his viewers documentation that he received the money from Makagwapo and tells them that he will put the money into his son’s bank account. However, he stated that he will first celebrate with his pals. Xander concluded his video by thanking his fans for assisting him in obtaining the funds.

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