Sass Sasot to Moira dela Torre: “Itigil mo na ang drama mo, Dissolve your marriage first”

Sass Sasot Gives Message to Moira dela Torre Amid Issue

Sass Sasot gives a message to Pinay singer Moira dela Torre “Itigil mo na ang drama mo, Dissolve your marriage first”

The personal lives of public figures often become subject to intense scrutiny, and Moira dela Torre, a renowned Filipino singer, has found herself at the center of a controversy surrounding her rumored relationship with Zack Tabudlo.

Sass Rogando Sasot, recently chimed in on the matter, highlighting the legal and ethical implications of Moira’s situation. She discussed the complexities surrounding Moira dela Torre’s alleged separation from her husband, Jason Marvin, while addressing the importance of respecting legal processes and ethical considerations.

Sass Sasot

In a Facebook post, the international relations expert reminded Moira dela Torre about the legal risk associated with her rumored relationship, emphasizing that she is still legally married to Jason Marvin.

Moira had previously claimed to have left her marriage with Jason, stating that she never anticipated having to explain and defend her decision. However, Sasot’s statement raises crucial points that warrant careful consideration.

Sasot suggests that if Moira truly desires to pursue a new relationship, she should initiate the process of filing for an annulment against Jason. It is important to note that legal procedures vary from country to country, and in the Philippines, annulment is the recognized legal means to dissolve a marriage.

Sass Sasot

Until the annulment is finalized, Moira and Jason remain married in the eyes of the law. Sasot’s reminder underscores the significance of respecting legal processes and the potential consequences of entering into a new relationship before resolving existing marital ties.

Sasot further highlights the ethical dilemma Moira may face if she engages in a new romantic relationship while still married. Adultery, according to both legal and Christian values, is regarded as a breach of trust and fidelity.

If Moira were to pursue a new partnership without legally severing her marital bond, it could be perceived as adultery.

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