Cornerstone Entertainment VP Defends Moira Dela Torre vs Accusations

Cornerstone Entertainment VP Speaks on Accusations Against Moira Dela Torre

The Vice President of Cornerstone Entertainment defends singer Moira Dela Torre against accusations thrown at her.

An executive at Cornerstone Entertainment also spoke out on Facebook against what he called Moira Dela Torre’s slander. Jeff Vadillo stated that he will not allow Moira’s integrity, whom he has known for two decades, to be harmed.

Cornerstone Entertainment Moira Torre

In a lengthy Facebook post, Vadillo contradicts the composer Lolito Go’s claim that Jason Hernandez wrote the majority of Moira’s songs. He also refuted the idea that Moira was a “manggagamit” or drug addict.

“This person claimed a “FUN FACT” (which is really not fun at all) that 95% of Moira’s hits were composed by Jason Marvin. Paubaya, Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, EDSA, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Saglit, and the list goes on. Then he added the question kung sino ang manggagamit?” he wrote

“That statement is grossly inaccurate. Paubaya and Edsa were both composed by Jason (this is public knowledge. Actually Moira also helped In Paubaya), the other songs Ikaw at Ako, Pabilin, Patawad, Kumpas, Babalik Sayo, Patawad, Kumpas were composed by both by Moira and Jason (Moira even gave a bigger contribution to some of those songs). So as far as these songs are concerned, walang gamitan. Tawag diyan collaboration,” he added.

Here is the full post of Cornerstone Entertainment Vice President:

Cornerstone Entertainment Moira Torre

Lolito Go revealed in a lengthy Facebook post on May 28 that he and Moira met while working together on the Himig Handog 2017. Lolito was also able to meet Jason Hernandez as a result of this.

The composer recounted the unpleasant things Moira did in her relationship/breakup with Jason in a post on Sunday. Aside from that, Lolito Go claimed that Moira dela Torre stole the composition credit for the song they created for Leni Robredo’s 2022 election campaign.

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