Scarlett Kramer Saves a Stray Dog and Named It “Gracie”

Scarlett Kramer Earns Praise After She Saves a Stray Dog from the Street

Celebrity parents Doug and Cheska Kramer proudly shared that their daughter Scarlett saved a stray dog from the street and keep it.

Doug Kramer and his wife, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, have expressed their pride in their second child, Scarlett Kramer. The pair shared on their Team Kramer website that their daughter rescued a stray puppy while volunteering.

Scarlett was motivated to adopt the puppy after seeing how afraid, dirty, shivering, and emaciated the animal was. She eventually gave the dog the name Gracie. Gracie was then dewormed and vaccinated by her parents in order for her to be healthy and safe enough to play with their children.

Scarlett Kramer Stray Dog

“During the outreach, we saw a very cute dog. And this is our first time to do it and we saved it. So here is the dog. It was so cute and tiny. She was shivering. And then that time the workers were there giving food and water and she looked so scared. She’s very malnourished and her stomach was big…” Scarlet said.

“They should be with a loving family.. “Dogs don’t deserve to be in the streets. We should always love them the way they should because they’re very sweet and they deserve your attention also,” Scarlet added in the video.

Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer married on October 9, 2008, at McKinley Hill’s Blue Leaf Events Place in Taguig City. Their closest friends and relatives attended the event. Clair Kendra Kramer, Scarlett Louvelle Kramer, and Gavin Phoenix Kramer are their three gorgeous children.

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