Transient Home to Open in Davao City to Provide Shelter & Aid to Beggars

Transient Home Set to Launch in Davao City to Provide Shelter, Food and Assistance to Beggars

A groundbreaking initiative is set to be launched in Davao City in the coming days—a transient home dedicated to providing temporary shelter, meals, and hygiene facilities for beggars.

The announcement was made through a compelling Facebook post by Degee Gonzales, who shared a photo of the “Dalangpangan ni San Alejo,” the name given to this benevolent project.

The transient home, envisioned to be the first of its kind in Davao City, aims to offer a safe haven for beggars, where they can not only find refuge but also have the opportunity to satisfy their basic needs.

Transient Home

The Alexian Brothers in the Philippines establish this new ministry to provide beggars a place to eat, bathe, and even wash their clothes. The construction and realization of this compassionate initiative have been made possible through the efforts of the Alexian Brothers Communities and Ministries.

The Dalangpanan Ni San Alejo, as it is lovingly known, is a tribute to the organization’s dedication to carrying out its purpose of love and service, guided by the values of “The Love of Christ Compels Us.”

Gonzales’ dedication remark, which accompanied a photo shared by Gonzales, reflects the essence and purpose of the temporary home: “This ministry is an expression of the Alexian Brothers’ ‘The Love of Christ Compels Us.”

Transient Home

It also represents our long history of caring for and helping others, feeding the needy, and satisfying their needs, which the Filipino Brothers perpetuated by living out of the Alexian Charism and heritage of concern.

News of the transient home spread rapidly through social media, garnering thousands of shares and receiving praise from netizens. The positive reception indicates the strong support and recognition of the importance of such initiatives in addressing the needs of marginalized individuals within society.

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