Sen. Bato dela Rosa Gets Emotional as His Son, Rock Becomes Full-Pledged Scout Ranger

Senator Bato dela Rosa Overwhelmed w/ Emotion and Pride as His Son, Rock, Becomes a Full-fledged Scout Ranger

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa couldn’t contain his happiness and pride as his son, Police Lieutenant Rock dela Rosa, successfully completed his rigorous training as a Scout Ranger.

The graduation ceremony for the Scout Ranger Course Class 219-2022, which included Rock, was attended by Senator Bato and former president Rodrigo Duterte, adding to the significance of the occasion.

Senator Dela Rosa took to social media to dedicate a heartfelt post to his son, expressing his immense pride in Rock’s achievement. In his message, the senator highlighted the exceptional nature of becoming a law enforcer and, furthermore, a Ranger.

Sen. Bato dela Rosa

He emphasized the rarity of such a feat, making it all the more special for him as a father.

“Not all young men become law enforcers and not all law enforcers become Rangers. That is why, as your father, no amount of words can truly express how happy and proud I am today as I watch you finally graduate from the prestigious Scout Ranger Course. Hats off to you, Ranger Rock de La Rosa!” he wrote in his post.

The senator’s emotional tribute resonated with many, garnering an outpouring of support and admiration from the online community. Thousands of netizens congratulated Rock for his remarkable achievement.

Sen. Bato dela Rosa

Notably, Rock’s sister, Makkaria Bee Dela Rosa, also shared a heartfelt message in a social media post dedicated to her brother.

Makkaria Bee expressed pride in her brother’s determination and emphasized his love for the country. She addressed the doubts and judgments that some people had placed on Rock due to his family name, emphasizing that they were unaware of his inner strength and unwavering dedication.

She concluded her message by saying, “Today, all I can say is that I am DAMN PROUD of what you have become, and I am excited about who you will be.”

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Sen. Bato dela Rosa

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