Small Laude Reacts To ‘Baduy’ Tag By People From Her Social Circle

Small Laude is doing what makes her happy

Socialite-vlogger Small Laude has this reaction to people in her social circle calling her “baduy.”

Small entered the world of vlogging with skeptical comments from people around her. Her YouTube videos are showing glimpses of her luxurious life. However, she is not afraid to show her funny side.

Previously, Small shared that there were some of her friends told her that she does not need to vlog because if money is the reason, she has a lot of this.

small laude
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However, Small Laude just enjoys what she is doing now. In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, there are some people in the elite society who are calling her “baduy” for being a vlogger.

The socialite-vlogger stressed that she does not mind being called “baduy.” The sole reason that she is giving happiness to other people is enough for her to continue what she has started.

“I just enjoy what I do,” she said. Small is also aware that being a popular vlogger now, her privacy is at stake. “The privacy, of course, the privacy of our family is affected. But, you know, that’s the price of being known, right?” the socialite-vlogger said.

Small also said that she has to be nice to her supporters because she owes her popularity to them. Aside from vlogging, she is also an endorser of popular beauty products.

In a previous interview, Small Laude also shared that she has been receiving offers to do TV shows. However, she refused to accept any of them. The reason behind this is that she is not fond of memorizing scripts.

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