Family in Cebu City Seeks Justice for Allegedly Poisoned Dogs

Family in Cebu City Grieves After Their Dogs Were Allegedly Poisoned

A family in Cebu City is seeking justice for the tragic fate of their five beloved dogs, which they believe were poisoned.

The Go family of Barangay Guadalupe in Cebu City will no longer be able to experience the affection and playfulness of their dogs named Kobe, Batman, Bruce, Kikay, and Daya.

In a Facebook post by Melissa Faith Yebes Go, she revealed that their family discovered their lifeless dogs outside their garage. Not far from them, they found a piece of rice with a blue-colored substance believed to be poison for rodents.


The family is devastated as their dogs played a significant role in their daily lives, especially since their parents are senior citizens.

“The images alone are heartbreaking. But even more so is what this loss means to our family,” Melissa said.

Melissa hopes that someone can help them attain justice for their pets and hold those responsible accountable to prevent a similar incident from happening to others.

“They were pets, but in ways that their murderer/s could never understand, Kobe, Daya, Bruce, Batman, and Kikay were family,” Melissa expressed.

“If this post reaches the people who decided that our dogs’ lives were of no value, I hope it makes them reflect on the true cost of their actions,” she added.

The Go family’s plea for justice highlights the importance of valuing and respecting the lives of animals. Such acts of cruelty should not go unpunished, as they not only cause immense pain to the affected families but also reflect a disregard for compassion and empathy.


It is essential for authorities to investigate this incident thoroughly and ensure that justice is served, sending a strong message against animal cruelty.

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