Cristy Fermin on Moira dela Torre, Jason: “Bulok na pagpapansin niyo”

Cristy Fermin Reacts to Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez Allegedly Seeking Attention

Veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin reacts to singer Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez allegedly seeking attention online.

On the most recent edition of Cristy Fermin’s “Showbiz Now Na!”, renowned columnist Cristy Fermin couldn’t stop raving about the alleged “pagpapansin” of ex-couple Jason Hernandez and Moira dela Torre. Jason and Moira’s inflammatory posts have sparked debate online.

It should be noted that both former partners have uploaded images of their companions on social media, but they do not specify who they are. As a result, netizens were unsure whether the two had truly reconciled or if they were in a new relationship.

Cristy Fermin Jason Moira

Cristy was not pleased with Moira and Jason’s seeming secrecy and accused them of using their divorce to talk about it in public. According to a Hollywood columnist, they are obnoxious and their gimmick is already “bulok.”

“Bulok na bulok ang ginagawa n’yong pagpapapansin! Nakakainis lang, ginagawa n’yong tanga ang publiko. Ginagawa n’yong t-ng- ang mga basher at lalo n’yong ginagawang tanga ang mga sarili n’yo” said Cristy.

Moira and Jason are challenged by the seasoned columnist to reveal the identities of their companions. “Face reveal nang hindi kayo nanggugulo ng mga nananahimik. Eh hindi na nga kayo nag-uusap. Ni wala kayong komunikasyon ta’s magdadrama-drama pa kayo ng mga ganyan,” she explained in her video.

Moira and Jason have yet to respond to Cristy’s summons. Moira and Jason announced their divorce in 2022. Jason explained what had transpired to them and claimed responsibility for the breakup of his relationship with Moira.

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