Husband Seeks Advice From ‘Virtual Kapitbahays’ After His Wife Bought Purple Bidet “Hindi kasi terno sa shower”

Husband Asked Help From ‘Virtual Kapitbahays’ After His Wife Bought Purple Bidet

PURPLE BIDET – A funny husband sought help from his ‘virtual kapitbahays’ after his beloved wife bought a purple bidet.

In the age of social media, seeking advice from virtual communities has become a common practice. One such instance unfolded when Jayvee Delfin, an avid uploader, turned to his “virtual kapitbahay” (neighbors) for guidance on convincing his wife to replace their bidet.

His lighthearted Facebook post garnered a variety of responses, sparking a lively discussion around the challenges of accommodating personal preferences within a household.


Jayvee began his post with a friendly greeting, seeking suggestions from his virtual neighbors on how to convince his wife to replace their current bidet. The dilemma arose from their shower, which his wife disliked due to its built-in bidet feature. Her reasoning? Their current bidet matched her favorite color, purple.

Being the supportive husband that he is, Jayvee had agreed not to purchase a shower with a bidet, opting to retain their existing bidet to accommodate his wife’s preference. He emphasized his willingness to support her choices and desires.

“Siyempre as a good husband, pumayag na ako na hindi bumili ng shower with bidet para yung bidet namin sa bahay ‘yun pa din ang gamitin namin. […] Support nalang talaga sa gusto nya ang magagawa ko,” Jayvee said.


Here is the full post:

“Magandang gabi mga kapitbahay. Paano ko kaya makukumbinse si misis na palitan yung bidet namin? Hindi kasi terno sa shower. Favorite color daw kasi nya ang purple”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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