BB Pilipinas Cebu Candidate to Use Sto Niño Vestments as National Costume

BB Pilipinas Cebu Candidate Goes Viral Over Sto Niño Vestments as National Costume

Binibining (BB) Pilipinas candidate from Cebu goes viral for allegedly using the vestments of Sto Niño as her national costume.

Joy Dacoron, a Binibining Pilipinas contestant from Cebu, has faced criticism from the Catholic community for wearing a costume similar to the Santo Nio de Cebu. She published images of herself wearing the controversial costume, which included a red cape, crown, scepter, and an orb, on social media.

BB Pilipinas Cebu Costume

Many netizens commented on the photographs, describing them as blasphemous. Dacoron remarked on Instagram that the costume represents people’s steadfast faith in the Holy Child Jesus.

Despite her doubts about God following her father’s horrific accident, the Sto. Nino assisted Joy in overcoming skepticism and seeing the purpose behind every occurrence. She described the Santo Nio de Cebu as a source of inspiration and strength for her.

“When I lost my father to an accident last year, I questioned God: “Ngano man, Lord? The Santo Niño paved the way for me to shed my doubts and made me realize that everything happens for a reason. In gratitude, I am sharing this faith on the national stage,” Dacoron said.

“Thus, with pride and deep respect for our heritage, I wear this costume that signifies faith and gratefulness. Viva Pit Senyor!” she added in her post.

Dacoron also stated that she obtained authorization from the Archdiocese of Cebu for the photo session. However, Cebu Auxiliary Bishop Ruben Labajo stated that Dacoron asked permission from him merely to use churches as backdrops.

Labajo stated unequivocally that neither the Archdiocese of Cebu nor the Augustinian friars permitted Binibining Pilipinas candidate Joy Dacoron to wear the Sr Santo Nio robes as a national costume. As a result, she was only allowed to take photos outside the church wearing the costume.

 “I have no idea that they will promote the vestments of the Holy Child as national costume, and especially the Augustinian priests also did not know about it,” Labajo said in a statement sent to reporters.

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