Teacher to Students Wearing Headgear: “Kahit mag kopyahan sila, parehong bagsak”

Teacher Requires Students to Wearing Headgear During Exams

A male teacher goes viral after commenting “kahit mag kopyahan sila, parehong bagsak” to photos of his students wearing headgear during exams.

The use of headgear during exams is not a new concept and has been employed in various forms in different parts of the world. Some schools have used blindfolds, while others have used headphones to prevent cheating.

The idea is to create a controlled environment where students are unable to see or hear their surroundings and are therefore less likely to cheat.


However, many educators and experts have questioned the effectiveness of such methods, arguing that they may do more harm than good. For one, the use of headgear can be distracting and uncomfortable for students, which may negatively affect their performance on the exam. Additionally, these methods do not address the root cause of cheating, which is often a lack of understanding or engagement with the material.

Rather than relying on gimmicky methods to prevent cheating, educators should focus on creating a learning environment that encourages honesty, integrity, and critical thinking. This includes teaching students about the consequences of cheating, providing ample opportunities for practice and feedback, and designing assessments that measure understanding rather than memorization.

Recently, a Facebook user named Philip Segurola has shared the photos of his students wearing headgears during exams. The post immediately goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Teacher Teacher

In the photos, the students are wearing headgears with hilarious writing on it. Segurola wanted to prevent cheating inside the classroom during the examination.

Here is the full post:

“Nakakamiss magpa exam na kahit mag kopyahan sila, parehong bagsak. Hahaha… overdue pictures during the last exam of my students in PSU. xD with head gear pa sila.”

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

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