Pokwang to Pool Users: “Bawal mag swim ang hindi muna mag shower”

Pokwang Gives Reminder to Users Before Diving into the Pool

Veteran comedian Pokwang or Marietta Subong in real life gives a reminder to pool users before they dip in to swim.

Pokwang took to Twitter to express her displeasure with those who are rude when utilizing a public pool. In her tweet, the comic chastised some pool users and proposed that hotels implement a regulation requiring visitors to shower before swimming.

Pokwang Pool Users

According to her, it is unsanitary for some people not to take a bath before utilizing the pool because they may carry dirt with them. She also emphasized that individuals should leave their dirt, such as pee, in the shower rather than in the pool.

 “O eto ha bato2x sa langit tamaan wag magalit ha, napuna ko lang dapat mga hotel at resort na may pool bawal mag swim ang hindi muna mag shower kc pra doon na sila iihi bago lumublob at matanggal langis at dumi sa katawan?” said Pokwang.

“Ikaw ba bet mo maligo sa ihi ko? dba hindi? ako din kaya sinanay ko at mga ank ko na respeto sa mga gagamit ng pool kagaya namin. Umaahon kmi kapag iihi kahit sa sarili naming pool, respect ang tawag doon,” she added in her tweet.

Pokwang later told a netizen that she had seen the same event when visiting a public pool. According to the netizen, hotels and resorts have already established policies requiring visitors to clean themselves before entering the pool.

“May nakikita lang kasi ako na hindi mahigpit deretso sila sa pool,” she said.

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