Pet Owner Elicits Reactions For Carrying Dog But Letting His Son Walk

Pet Owner Carrying Dog But Letting His Son Walk Along the Road Goes Viral

A pet owner carrying his dog while letting his young son walk beside him has sparked a heated debate on social media.

The video, which was posted on TikTok by user Luz Elena and has since gone viral, shows a man crossing the street while carrying a large dog in one hand and holding a little kid’s hand with the other.

While many internet users believe that the child should have been carried, some argue that the father’s action may have been justified. It’s normal for pet owners to treat their animals as if they were their own children, but some believe that this should not come at the expense of other humans, particularly their own kids.

Pet Owner

The video posted by Tiktok user Luz Elena, with her car seemingly stopped at a traffic signal, captured a man crossing the street while carrying a large dog.

It is not surprising in this modern era that many people consider their pets as part of their family, even referring to themselves as “fur parents” to their beloved “fur babies.” It is becoming more common for some couples to opt for pets instead of having kids, as pets can also bring joy, companionship, and responsibility into their lives.

Pet Owner

However, what drew Luz Elena’s attention was the fact that the man was holding a little kid’s hand while carrying the dog. The details of how long they had been walking and how much farther they needed to go were not apparent.

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