Informant of Vandalism in Lapu-Lapu City Receives P30k from Mayor

Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Hand Out the P30k Reward to the Informant of Vandalism

Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan already gives the P30k reward to the informant of vandalism on the newly painted walls in Lapu-Lapu City.

The mayor of Lapu-Lapu City has offered a P30,000 reward to anyone who can identify the vandal who destroyed their newly painted walls. Mayor Junard expresses dismay because the newly painted walls are part of the city’s beauty.

“Itong pader na ito ay bagong pintura lang pero ngayon ay madumi na ulit. Hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang punto ng mga vandalist na ito at kung ano ang makukuha nila sa ginagawa nila,” according to the mayor’s FB post which is in the Bisaya language.

Lapu-Lapu City Vandalism Informant

Meanwhile, according to the mayor’s most recent statement, someone has identified the vandals. The informant went to the mayor’s office dressed discreetly in order to conceal his/her identity.

“EZ MONEY, EZ 30K. Nadawat na sa informant ang iyang ganti nga 30k tungod sa pagkasikop sa nagbandal sa Brgy Ibo nga mao kunoy tag-iya sa dalan. Aduna untay daghang nireport pero kuwang ang ilang mga detalye. Dapat kompleto gyud (The informant has already received his reward of 30k for the arrest of the vandal in Brgy. Ibo who is said to be the owner of the road. There must be many reports but the details are lacking. It must be complete),” he said in his post.

Meanwhile, two minors were detained for vandalism in Lapu-Lapu City, it should be noted. On April 22, Mayor Chan indicated on social media that the two would be sent to the City Social Welfare and Services (CSWS) office. Chan is also offering a cash reward of P20,000 for information leading to the arrest of other vandals in their city.

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