Rendon Labador to Michael V. “Masakit na katotohanan na laos na kayo”

Rendon Labador Criticized Over Distasteful Remarks Against Michael V.

The internet personality Rendon Labador commented a distasteful remarks to Michael V. “Masakit na katotohanan na laos na kayo”

Social media has become a platform where individuals can freely express their opinions on various topics, including popular personalities in the entertainment industry.

Recently, the so-called motivational speaker Rendon Labador made criticisms against the popular Filipino comedian Michael V. His distasteful remarks garnered negative reactions from the online community.

Rendon Labador

Michael V. reminded content creators to first comprehend the definition of “content” in a Facebook post. Rendon Labador, on the other hand, responded negatively, claiming “Masakit na katotohanan na laos na kayo, WE CONTROL THE MEDIA NOW”.

Moreover, he said that mainstream media celebrities, such as Michael V, were no longer as popular as influencers.

Rendon Labador’s comment did not sit well with netizens who were disappointed and surprised by his statement. Many pointed out that Michael V. remained popular as his show, Pepito Manaloto, has been on-air for 13 years.

Rendon Labador

Others also criticized Rendon for belittling Michael V.’s contributions to the entertainment industry and for disregarding his talent and hard work.

The incident highlights the challenges and risks associated with expressing opinions on social media. While social media provides a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, it is essential to do so respectfully and constructively.

Here is the full post:

INFLUENCERS are the new celebrities! Kung hindi ninyo kayang makipag patalinuhan sa mga INFLUENCERS sa pag produce ng content.. Manahimik nalang kayo. MAINSTREAM IS DEAD!!! Social media is the NEW MAINSTREAM

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Rendon Labador

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