Holdupper, Saleslady Arrested Over Inside Job in a Jewelry Store

Holdupper Arrested Along with a Saleslady of a Jewelry Store Over Alleged “Inside Job”

A holdupper was arrested along with a jewelry store saleslady who was accused of conspiring with the suspect for an “inside job”.

A man is suspected of stealing more than P10 million in gold jewelry from a jewelry store in Sta. Cruz, Manila. The apprehended man was identified in the follow-up operation by operatives of the Manila Police District (MPD) as Jeffrel Logronio who is facing a charge of ‘qualified stealing’.

Holdupper Saleslady Inside Job

According to MPD Station 11, the incident occurred inside the jewelry business at 764 F Torres St., Sta. Patrick Oraa, a businessman, owns Cruz. Logronio can be seen waving a revolver at saleslady Cheril Vandidato, 39, of Naic, Cavite, before pulling out a green eco bag from her rucksack and handing it to the saleslady.

Based on the report, Logronio returned the revolver to his rucksack, where the saleslady had previously placed the gold jewelry after Zaragosa had taken the eco bag. According to the investigation, a total of 3.5 kilos of gold worth P10.5 million was stolen.

The saleslady was regarded as an accomplice and had an ‘inside job’ in the investigation because she did not immediately seek help to report the heist at the jewelry store. Zaragoza was also charged with qualified theft as a result of this.

Logronio was apprehended in a subsequent operation by the operatives, and millions of dollars in gold jewelry were collected. As evidence, the jewelry was turned over to the MPD’s Criminal Investigation and Detective Unit.

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