Souvenir Vendor in Morayta, Manila Goes Viral for Selling Cute Keychains

Souvenir Vendor Selling Cute Keychains in Morayta, Manila Goes Viral Online

A souvenir vendor in Morayta, Manila goes viral and earns admiration from netizens for selling cute keychains.

Looking for cute and unique souvenirs or gifts for your family, friends, colleagues, or special someone? You might want to check out the viral Facebook post of netizen Roy Anthony Relos, who was amazed by the impressive merchandise of a vendor along Morayta in Manila.

According to Roy’s caption, he was walking along Morayta when he spotted the exceptional and cute products of a vendor who came all the way from Bulacan.

Souvenir Vendor

The vendor’s keychains were remarkable because he made them himself, featuring different colors of artificial flowers placed inside tiny bottles.

He took photos of the vendor and his merchandise and asked for permission to post them on social media, which the vendor agreed to. In the comment section, many netizens expressed their interest in the vendor’s products.

As of writing, the post has reached 9.9k shares, 13k reactions, and 761 comments. A 20-year-old BS Internal Auditing student at FEU-Manila from Quezon City, shared his admiration for vendors like the one he met, saying that they deserve support.

Souvenir Vendor Souvenir Vendor

Here is the full post:

Kanina habang naglalakad ako sa morayta, nakita ko si tatay nagtitinda ng mga pwedeng iregalo sa pamilya, jowa at nung tinanong ko kung magkano. may tag 10 pesos at 15pesos syang tinitinda and plus 5 pag magpapalagay ng tali! Habang naguusap kami ni kuya, nakwento nya sakin na napadayo lang sya sa morayta at sya lang magisang gumagawa ng mga tinitinda nya at galing pa syang bulacan. sana pag nakita nyo si kuya, bili kayo sa kanya kasi super ganda ng mga gawa nya at sabi nya babalik daw sya next week para magtinda.

P.S May consent po kay tatay ung pag-picture po sa kanya.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Souvenir Vendor

What can you say about this vendor? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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