Antonette Gail on Critisms of Her Nose Job: “Katawan ko to!”

Antonette Gail Reacts to Bashers Criticizing Her Nose Job

Social media personality Antonette Gail Del Rosario hits back at bashers who keep criticizing her decision to do a nose job.

Antonette Cruz, the wife of social media celebrity Whamos Cruz, addressed the criticism she received after electing to fix her nose. Antonette previously described the reason for mending her nose, stating that she had no intention of improving it.

Antonette Gail Nose Job

In her article, Whamos Cruz’s partner stated that people should stop meddling with her decisions, especially when it comes to her body. She even presented data, including x-ray results, to demonstrate that the surgery was a treatment rather than an enhancement.

“Hindi naman talaga maiiwasan ‘yun kasi hindi naman natin mapi-please lahat ng tao. Sabi nila hindi daw ako nakontento. Sabi sabi ko lang daw ‘yung naaksidente ako. Kung tutuusin wala talaga akong desisyon na magpaayos ng ilong… so one time nagkataon lang talaga na nadisgrasya ako kaya ko ipinaayos,” Antonette said.

“Katawan ko to ako yung me control dito kung ano yung mga gusto kong gawin. Noong naaksidente ako hindi talaga ako nakakahinga dahil yung buto ko sa gitna umusli at doon siya nagbabarado… pag tumagal kapag napabayaan ko siya magiging sinus siya, hindi na siya mawawala forever,” she added.

According to her post, she’s not forcing everyone to believe her and asked them to respect her decision. Meanwhile, Antonette revealed that she injured her nose after accidentally banging her face on their bedside lampshade and that surgery is required to fix it.

The ailment induced by the collision, according to the doctor, is known as deviated nasal septum. A deviated septum is a disorder in which the nasal septum (the bone and cartilage that divides the nose in half) is crooked, resulting in a smaller nasal opening.

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