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SC Suspended Lawyer for 2 Years Over Harassment of Fellow Lawyer

The Supreme Court (SC) has suspended a lawyer for two (2) years for alleged harassment of a fellow lawyer.

The Supreme Court, according to the article, suspended a lawyer for two years after a fellow lawyer complained of sexual harassment. The Supreme Court emphasized that sexual harassment at work involves not only physical exploitation but also the use of power and authority by a superior officer over a subordinate through s3xually charged behavior or s3xual undertones.

A complaint was made against the anonymous respondent, who is a senior partner in a law firm. The senior partner, according to the junior attorney, frequently told him obscene jokes, made s3xual approaches, and inquired about the complainant’s romantic ties.

Lawyer Suspended Harassment

The respondent also openly told the complainant about his extramarital s3xual practices and confessed that if they were the same age, he may be enticed by the complainant. Based on the report, the court was not persuaded by the respondent’s argument that the complaint simply “misinterpreted” him.

According to the Supreme Court, even when the respondent has pleaded for forgiveness, it cannot undo the suffering it has caused the complaint. According to the article, the victim still needs psychiatric treatment as a result of what he went through.

 “As a senior partner in a law firm, the respondent ought to know that junior associates—whose legal careers are just starting – would naturally look up to him. They would place their trust in him by seeking mentorship and professional growth under his wing,” the SC decision stated.

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