Lotlot de Leon Reveals She Asked NBI’s Help To Locate Janine’s Bashers

Lotlot de Leon is a protective mother to Janine Gutierrez

Seasoned actress Lotlot de Leon revealed that she asked the help of the National Bureau of Investigation to locate the bashers of her daughter actress Janine Gutierrez.

Janine has established her name in the entertainment industry as one of the sought-after leading ladies of her generation. She came from a popular showbiz clan but she proved that beyond her last name, her talent can bring her to places.

However, when Janine was just starting, there were also doubters and bashers. Lotlot shared that she dealt with the negative comments pointed at her daughter.

lotlot de leon janine gutierrez
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In a recent interview on Fast Talk, the talk show of King of Talk Boy Abunda, Lotlot de Leon revealed that she really went to NBI and reported the bashers of Janine Gutierrez, based on the article in Bandera.

This was during the time when Lotlot was the manager of Janine. The younger actress was just starting to make a name back then.

Ini-screenshot ko lahat, pinrint ko lahat ng mga masasakit na salita sa anak ko through Twitter,” the seasoned actress shared. She said that she wanted to identify the people who were saying negative comments against her daughter.

janine gutierrez lotlot de leon
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Ganu’n ka-intense. Hindi nga yata alam ng anak ko ‘yun,” she said. Lotlot shared that as a mother, it was not easy for her to be Janine’s manager also. She can’t take the bashing that her daughter was receiving.

“Masakit pala talaga ‘pag pinupulaan ‘yung anak. Napakasakit,” Lotlot said. However, she realized that she has nothing to worry about because her daughter is strong in facing negative reactions. “I should also have more faith in my daughter, na kung anuman ‘yun, kung anuman ‘yung pagdaanan niya dito sa industriya, kakayanin niya,” Lotlot de Leon stressed.

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