Former VP Leni Robredo Gives Message for New Lawyers, Those who didn’t pass BAR

Former VP Leni Robredo Speaks on Passing, Failing BAR Exams

FORMER VP LENI ROBREDO – The Former Vice President gave a message for the new lawyers and those who did not pass the 2022 BAR examinations.

Every year, one of the most-awaited licensure exam results is the result of the BAR exam or the licensure exam for lawyers. Thousands of Law graduates usually take the BAR exam which is usually administered in 3-4 days depending on the dates set by the Supreme Court.

Unlike the other licensure exams which are usually under the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), the BAR exam is set and conducted by the Supreme Court. It is also the High Court which releases the results of the licensure exam.

Former VP Leni Robredo
Photo Credit: Asia Society

Recently, the Supreme Court released the results of the 2022 BAR exam. The passing rate was 43.47% with 3,993 examinees passing the exam. One of the prominent lawyers who gave a message for the passers and those who did not pass the licensure exam is former VP Leni Robredo.

It is no secret to the public that former Vice Pres. Robredo was not able to pass the first time that she took the BAR exam. She admitted that she knew she did poorly and she had to manage several priorities but it did not stop her. After three years since she took the exam, she re-took it and passed the licensure exam.

In a podcast, former VP Leni Robredo reminded the new lawyers that the excellence is not based on the scores in the exam but on how they will use their profession. She stressed the value of utilizing the profession in helping other people get justice even those who are in the marginal sectors.

The Vice President also has a similar advice to those who did not pass the BAR exam. She advised them to not be pressured and remind them to keep going as the real measure is on how one used his or her profession.

“Give yourself time. Huwag i-pressure ang sarili na kumuha ulit agad. Nung second time na kumuha ako ng BAR, iba na ‘yung mga batas na inaral ko,” the Vice President said.

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