Bato Wants Death Penalty vs Private Armies Involved in Crimes

Senator Bato Files Bill Against Police and Private Armies Involved in Crimes

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa pushes the death penalty bill against police officers and private armies involved in heinous crimes.

Dela Rosa intends to file many bills against security personnel involved in crimes, including cops and soldiers. The announcement follows an investigation into the assassination of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo.

Dela Rosa, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, said in a statement that strong measures are needed against any member of the security sector who uses their training, expertise, and talents to conduct horrific crimes.

Bato Private Armies

Based on the report, Dela Rosa issued the suggestion a week after the stated committee reviewed a slew of homicides in Negros Oriental, including Degamo’s death. Dela Rosa also proposed several changes to existing legislation to avoid political killings in the country, including the following:

1. Amendment to the Omnibus Election Code, particularly the provision on nuisance candidates.

2. Amendment to the Local Government Code to ensure that the authority to appoint police provincial directors must be with the Philippine National Police and not with the local government officials

3. Amendment to the Firearms Law.

The law also includes policy reforms such as rigorous controls on the sale and use of military and police uniforms, monitoring of people who have been discharged from service, inventory of loose firearms, and amending the PNP Standard of Procedures in response to public requests and complaints.

According to the member, another hearing on the inquiry into the Degamo murder will be placed in the coming days. Land grabbing, e-cockpit and illicit gaming, intimidation and pressure on reluctant authorities, private armies with unlicensed weaponry, and the involvement of police personnel in criminality and cover-up will also be discussed.

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