Woman Stabbed Due to “Pagpaparinig” in Quezon City

Irked Man Stabbed a Woman in Quezon City Due to “Papagparining”

Woman in Quezon City suffers stab wounds when stabbed by partner’s brother after it allegedly got irked with her “pagpaparinig”.

A woman was allegedly stabbed in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City, as a result of “pagpaparinig” or indirect reference. According to the investigation, the suspect was her partner’s brother.

The male suspect’s clothes still have blood stains from the suspected stabbing of his brother’s lover on Calamansi Street in Pasong Tamo. According to QCPD Station 14 Police Captain Anthony Dacquel, the suspect became irritated with the victim because she continued to use indirect reference phrases against him.

Woman Pagpaparinig Quezon City

He emphasized, though, that they had no beef with the victim. Based on the report, the suspect was on the second floor when his older brother summoned him because the victim planned to sleep upstairs.

Instead of cooperating, the suspect froze and remembered his brother’s partner’s statements and supposed threats to him. It is alleged that his vision became blurry, so he attacked the victim with a knife.

The victim was struck once in the neck and twice in the shoulder. Following the PNP’s initial inquiry, the victim decided not to file a complaint. The suspect also agreed to settle. The victim is safe and is being treated in the hospital.

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