Asking for Fee on Sim Registration is Not Against the Law – DICT

DICT Clarified that Asking Fee for Sim Registration is Not Against the Law

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) clarified that vendors asking for a fee on sim registration is not against the law.

The DICT declared during a press conference in Malacaang that it is not illegal for some retail shops to charge clients who ask for assistance in registering their acquired SIM card. According to DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy, such a charge is simply a “private transaction” between the seller and buyer of the SIM card.

Sim Registration Fee

It is also the buyer’s discretion whether or not to seek SIM registration assistance, based on the report. According to Uy, paying for the service when it comes to SIM registration is appropriate, exactly like paying P5 per phone call in stores, especially if the sellers use their own cell data.

“Hindi naman siguro lumalabag sa batas na mag-charge sila ng kaunting fee dahil may gastos rin naman sila,” said Uy. “And I think 20 pesos is very, very reasonable. And for many na medyo digitally challenged, I think nakakatulong naman iyon.”

As previously announced on April 26, the government extended the SIM registration deadline in the country by 90 days on Tuesday, April 25. President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was claimed to have approved.

Due to the remaining 20 million unregistered SIM cards and low turnout in distant areas, such an extension of the SIM registration period was granted. Meanwhile, the DICT is considering removing some services from unregistered SIM cards during the 90-day registration extension.

Subscribers who do not register their SIM cards during the extension period may see a “gradual” loss of cell phone service, according to Secretary Uy. During the delay, Uy indicated that the DICT is already in contact with telcos concerning the registration procedure.

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