PBA Suspends Beau Belga After Involved in a “Basketbrawl” in Cebu

PBA Player Beau Belga Suspended After Caught Involved in a “Basketbrawl” in Cebu

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) suspended Beau Belga after being caught involved in a “basketbrawl” in Cebu.

Beau Belga, a Rain or Shine Elasto Painters player, has been suspended following a scuffle at Carmen Municipal Gym in Cebu this weekend. Belga can be seen playing with some gamers in a video shared by Macrose Pasaol Brigoli.

Aside from Belga, Jio Jalalon, Robert Bolick, and JR Quiahan were also present when the two squads got into a fight. Belga can be seen throwing a ball at a member of the other squad.

Beau Belga Basketbrawl

Fortunately, the fans and officials were able to keep the players under control. The video has already been viewed millions of times. According to the report, Belga has been suspended for six days without pay for his participation in an unofficial basketball game.

According to the PBA, Belga does not have a license to play in Cebu City, so he has been suspended indefinitely. It is unclear whether the PBA would also suspend the other players engaged in the match.

Willie Marcial, the league commissioner, has already stated that he will summon all PBA players implicated. Quinahan and Belga’s team reportedly included Magnolia’s Jio Jalalon and NorthPort’s Robert Bolick.

Rain or Shine has stated that it will undertake its own internal investigation into the incident. Before participating in exhibition games during the offseason, PBA players should obtain authorization from their respective ball clubs. Belga has yet to issue a remark about the incident as of this writing.

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