Juliana Gomez Appreciates BF Miggy Bautista’s Role In Her Fencing Career

Juliana Gomez is happy to receive help from Miggy Bautista when it comes to fencing

Celebrity athlete Juliana Gomez expressed appreciation to her boyfriend Miggy Bautista for helping her in her fencing career.

Juliana is the daughter of celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres. The 22-year-old celebrity is leaning toward sports which is also the other side of her father. Aside from being one of the matinee idols during his generation, Richard also competed in different sports.

It is obvious that Juliana inherited his love for fencing. He is definitely proud of the achievements that his daughter has as an athlete and he would flex these on his Instagram page.

julian gomez
📷: Candy Mag via PEP

In a recent interview for Candy Magazine, based on the article in PEP, Juliana Gomez is also thankful for the support she receives from her boyfriend. Even though she knows that her determination and the discipline that she practices led her to her success, she also gives value to people who boost her.

One of those people is her boyfriend Miggy Bautista. “Being close to someone who’s so much better than you really pushes you to try different things in the sport, to do better. He really pulled me up to a higher level,” Juliana Gomez said.

Fencing is one of the strong factors why they really connect with each other, aside from the love they have. They also train and compete together, and they have each other whatever they are going through.

juliana gomez miggy bautista
📷: PEP

“When I told him, ‘Miggy, I feel like I’m hitting a wall,’ to me, it was such a big problem. It felt so heavy. But then to him, he was telling me, ‘I’ve been there; I’m not worried about you. Know that this is how you get yourself out of this rut, here are the steps that you can take…’” the young athlete said.

Juliana Gomez also shared that it is a good thing that what she is experiencing, Miggy Bautista already went through that situation. She appreciates that she has someone who does not want her to experience the same situation that he already experienced.

“I love that he’s so much better than me,” Juliana enthused.

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