Woman w/ Brain Tumor Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating on Her While She Was in ER

Sick Woman Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating on Her

A woman with a brain tumor caught her boyfriend cheating on her while she was in the emergency room.

The woman, who was grappling with the challenges of her health condition due to a brain tumor, was left devastated when she realized that her boyfriend who was supposed to care for her was actually deceiving her.

Expressing her disappointment, the lady netizen identified as Bianca, took to Facebook to share the screenshots of the conversation between her now ex-boyfriend and another woman.

Brain Tumor

Bianca stumbled upon her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity while she was in the emergency room, presumably seeking medical attention for her health condition. The screencaps of the conversation revealed that the two were addressing each other as “love” and making plans to meet up.

The lady netizen had confided in her friends about her health condition just days prior, on April 13, and had shared that her condition was precarious. The betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, who was supposed to be a source of support during such a challenging time, came as a devastating blow to her.

Brain Tumor Brain Tumor Brain Tumor

Here is the full post:

“Nahuli na, umisa pa.hirap maging mabait. Dalawa ulo pero walang utak Lennard Lutuaco partida alam na bawal ako ma stress tapos ganyan pa makipag bonding. Katabi ko yan gabi gabi tas ganyan ginagawa. Ayos talaga nasa E.R. pa ko nung nabasa ko yan

P.S.: Hindi po ako buntis or manganganak. Kaloka kayooo”

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