Chito Miranda on Neri Miranda’s Face: ‘Gandang-ganda pa rin ako’

Chito Miranda dedicated this post to his wife’s beauty

Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda admitted that until now, his wife former actress Neri Naig-Miranda is still so beautiful in his eyes.

Chito is not shy in expressing his love and admiration for his wife on social media. In several instances, the band vocalist has expressed that he is lucky to have Neri as his wife and the mother of his kids.

In a recent Instagram post, once again, Chito flexed the beauty of his wife. He admitted that up to this day, Neri looks so beautiful.

chito miranda neri miranda
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Minsan napapatitig nalang ako sa asawa ko while she’s busy doing something, tapos sasabihin ko ‘ang ganda naman ng asawa ko!'” Chito Miranda narrated. Neri would not accept this and will just say that it is because her husband is so much in love with her.

Chito said that it is true that he is so much in love with his wife and that he really finds her so beautiful even though she is just wearing simple clothes.

“Kahit nga tulog sya’t nakanganga, gandang ganda pa rin ako sa kanya eh [victory hand emoji, smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat emoji] (well…hindi siguro “gandang-ganda”, pero nagagandahan pa rin ako sa kanya kahit wa-poise sya matulog minsan),” the singer said.

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Then, Chito reiterated that even if Neri is not his wife or if he is not in love with her, she is still beautiful to him. The singer said that he is wondering why his wife does not acknowledge the fact that she is beautiful.

For Chito, this is much better than having the perception of being beautiful but in reality, it is not the case. He also pointed out that this has become a way for Neri to have a continuous urge to improve herself because she is thinking that she is not beautiful and so she needs to excel in other aspects.

“Dun ako pinaka na-attract sa kanya: yung fact na hindi sya na-kuntento with simply having a pretty face,” Chito Miranda said.

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