Rendon Labador to Hold a Meet and Greet: “Feeling ko lalangawin ulit”

Rendon Labador to Hold a Meet and Greet for His Restuarant

Social media personality Rendon Labador will hold a meet and greet for his Episode Bar + Kitchen restaurant and fear that it might flop again.

In a Facebook post, the so-called motivational speaker stated that he will host a meet-and-greet for his followers at his newly opened restaurant. However, he expressed concern that his event might fail again and no one would attend.

“Feeling ko walang pupunta bukas sa meet and greet ko, first time ulit na lalangawin ang isang meet and greet sa history ng pilipinas, okay lang din basta may bragging rights at record holder tayo. Laban lang!!!!” Rendon wrote in his post.

Rendon Labador Meet Greet

During the meet and greet, Rendon will, according to him, share marketing tips that will benefit business owners and content creators. He also mentioned a Q&A, or question and answer session.  Aside from that, Labador stated that there will be an acoustic serenade during dinner, followed by a house party from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“Wala talagang pupunta bukas… Saturday sa Episode Bar + Kitchen Andoon kasi ako tapos mag discuss ako ng marketing tips na makakatulong sa mga business owners at content creators, tapos may Q&A segment. May serenade din bukas ng dinner time ACOUSTIC plus HOUSE PARTY music ng 10pm to 2am,” Rendon shared in his post.

The social media personality announced the inauguration of his new resto bar on March 25. He even held a grand opening ceremony with various performers in attendance. Rendon, on the other hand, expresses disappointment since no one buys tickets to his events.

He even blamed actor-director Coco Martin‘s supporters for his disastrous event. Two days later, he decided to close his restaurant. Despite the negative press, he chose to reopen his restaurant at the end of March.

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