Boy Abunda Speaks About Issue Involving Vanessa Hudgens and Paul Soriano

Was Vanessa Hudgens offended? Boy Abunda speaks about the issue.

BOY ABUNDA – King Of Talk Boy Abunda discussed the issue that involved famous personalities Vanessa Hudgens and Paul Soriano.

The issue that involved Vanessa Hudgens and Paul Soriano circled in social media. Allegedly, Soriano made a scene during one of the interviews Hudgens did and many people from the media did not like it.

A PR head refused to talk about the director’s rumored behavior and attitude during an interview. The director wanted to terminate the one-on-one interview and the PR head did nothing to object to the director’s decision.

The PR head said, “It was the Director’s call to make and not mine. His money, his decision.”

Boy Abunda and Vanessa Hudgens

In this event where the alleged commotion happened started by the director, Boy Abunda was there and he interviewed the US star. In the recent episode of his “Fast Talk” program, he addressed the issue and explained several matters.

According to him, both Soriano and Hudgens did not get offended by his questions. Hudgens was accordingly having fun in their interview and the vibe was happy.

“Walang indication that she was offended. And I would know [because] I’ve been interviewing people for over 30 years,” he shared.

He also does not believe that Soriano got upset with the way how he interviewed the female star. He believes that if Paul was pissed or bothered by the interview, he would have called him out or he would have felt it.

Here’s a video:


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