Foreigners, PWDs Also Included in Mandatory ROTC – Sen Bato

Sen Bato Dela Rosa Includes Foreigners, PWDs in Mandatory ROTC

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said that Foreigners and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) will be included in the mandatory Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC).

If foreign students are included in the proposed required military training, the Senator sees no legal issues. He stated that they will be given an alternative curriculum of education while remaining in the ROTC program.

“Hindi sila exempted actually, there is no exemption. But they will be offered alternative program of instruction, but still under ROTC program,” said Dela Rosa when asked if there is an exemption in the ROTC bill that he endorsed in plenary last month.

“Kagaya ng mga foreigner, mga foreigner na estudyante, you can not subject them to love our country, to die for our country… They will undergo ROTC program with different program of instruction,” he added.

Bato Foreigners PWDs ROTC

If passed, all students in higher education and technical vocational institutes will be obliged to participate in basic ROTC, and if they do not comply, they will not be able to graduate from college. A specific curriculum for students with disabilities or persons with disabilities (PWD) and others are claimed to exist.

Despite criticism from those on the “left,” Dela Rosa maintained that he will push for the adoption of the ROTC bill this year, based on the report. Meanwhile, out-of-school youngsters will receive military training akin to ROTC.

Those out-of-school youngsters who are unable to participate in this mandated ROTC program will be covered by [Republic Act] 7077, the Philippine Reservist Act, which requires all able-bodied Filipino nationals to complete military duty training even if they are not enrolled in school, according to Dela Rosa.

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