Angeline Quinto Shares Life Without Her Yaya For A Week

In a new video, Angeline Quinto documented her life without her yaya.

ANGELINE QUINTO – Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto is used to having a house helper but just recently, she experienced a week without one.

Sylvio is turning one year old this year and first-time mother Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto is now preparing for the birthday party she wants for her baby. She admits that motherhood is difficult but, at the same time, it is fulfilling.

She has now regained her strength from all the sleepless nights she had when Sylvio was just in his early months.

The singer can now do her normal life and she is back to work.

And just recently, in a new video, she shared a life of her without her helper. Accordingly, her yaya left for a vacation leave. She initially asked for a 3-day off but as an understanding employer, she allowed her to have a week off to spend time with her family in Bacolod.

This has left her alone to do a lot of things. She quipped, “Kanya-kanya muna kaming gawa dito sa bahay.”

Without her yaya for a week, she was tasked to do the cooking and other house chores. She was also left to tend to everything that Sylvio needs. She also prepared her own things for work and even her meals before going to work.

These tasks are the tasks usually done by her Ate Irene.

The whole week passed by smoothly for them but they are missing her all the time. They would even count the days left until she comes home to them again.

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