Enchong Dee Agrees To Portray Transwoman In ‘Here Comes the Groom,’ Here’s Why

Enchong Dee Shares Why He Agreed To Play Transwoman In ‘Here Comes the Groom’

ENCHONG DEE – Actor and entrepreneur Enchong Dee shared why he agreed to portray a transwoman in the movie ‘Here Comes the Groom.’

In the film ‘Here Comes the Groom,’ directed by Chris Martinez and made by Quantum Films and Cineko Productions, Enchong Dee was cast as Junior, the groom. It is one of the official entries to the first edition of the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival.

At the Q&A session after the screening of “Here Comes the Groom” on Wednesday night at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, the 32-year-old actor shared why he agreed to play a transwoman in the movie.

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Based on a report from Inquirer, Enchong Dee said that in 2022, a life-changing experience inspired him to accept the role take on the role “that will surprise my audience and enable them to appreciate me as an actor and not just someone who is merely trying to hold on to my past reputation.”

The Kapamilya actor is referring to his movie in which he plays a man whose soul is magically switched with that of a transgender woman the day before his wedding.

Party-list Rep. Claudine Bautista-Lim filed a cyber libel lawsuit against Enchong in 2022 because of a statement he made on his Twitter account in 2021, according to which the funds used at the former’s wedding in Balesin Island were supposedly meant to help commuters and drivers during the pandemic lockdowns that year.

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A few days after posting the tweet, Enchong Dee issued an apology, calling himself “reckless” and accepting full responsibility for the consequences of his “lack of judgment.”

“I want to show something new to them, something that will enable them to appreciate my craft…”

“With what happened in the past, I just want to look forward. Whatever will happen in the future, I know that I’m in full control. I will not let this experience ruin my future,” said Enchong

When asked for more information, the actor only replied, “I’m pretty sure that you all know what happened to me in the past.”

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