Raquel Pempengco Reacts to Ogie Diaz: “Wait ka lang at bibigyan kita”

Jake Zyrus Mother Raquel Pempengco Reacts to Ogie Diaz Comment Against Her

Raquel Pempengco expresses reactions to the comments of talent manager and showbiz vlogger Ogie Diaz against her.

The mother of Jake Zyrus, Charice Pempengco, delivers a statement in response to Ogie Diaz’s attacks on her. It should be noted that showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin also expressed her feelings to Jake Zyrus’ mother.

Raquel Pempengco Ogie Diaz

The mother agreed with Cristy’s assessment that Charice is a “legendary” singer. Raquel also asked if she may interview the journalist to refute Ogie’s allegations against her and her daughter.

“You got my point Ms. Cristy Fermin. Gusto ko sana ikaw mag Interview sa akin para naman matauhan si Ogie Diaz, basta na lang sasakay sa komento ng mga basher,” Raquel said in her Facebook post, along with the video of Cristy agreeing to her statement this Friday, March. 31.

The mother has also challenged the talent manager, stating that she will produce a receipt for Jake’s present accomplishments. She stated that she will display all of Jake’s accomplishments to demonstrate that she is legendary and that no one can defeat her daughter.

“Wait ka lang at bibigyan kita ng mga achievements ni Jake na hindi mo nalalaman. Baka mawindang ka at maniwala na talagang LEGENDARY AND NOBODY CAN DEFEAT CHARICE OR JAKE,” said Raquel in her post.

Ogie had previously chastised the mother for her alleged “behavior” after comparing her daughter to Morissette Amon, whose talent manager had linked the singer’s name in an issue. Ogie believes the mother should recognize that individuals change, including her son, Jake, and his voice.

He went on to say that there is no problem if the mother merely wants to defend her child, but no one else should be involved in the situation. He said Raquel stepped on someone while defending her daughter.

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