Pope Francis Brought to Gemelli Hospital, Vatican Confirms

Vatican Says Pope Francis Confined at Gemelli Hospital

POPE FRANCIS – Vatican confirmed that the Roman Catholic Chief was brought at Gemelli Hospital in Rome and is currently confined.

Across the globe, the supreme chief of the Roman Catholic Church is the Pope. He resides in Rome and the people are usually informed by Vatican regarding the events that will be attended by the hope, his state, and several other matters.

Recently, Vatican informed the public that Pope Francis was brough at Gemelli Hospital. He was supposedly brought to the hospital for a regular medical check-up but he had to be confined.

Pope Francis
Photo Credit: MPR News

Based on a report on Aljazeera, the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church was experiencing breathing difficulty in the recent days. It was Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni who made the announcement about the confinement of the Pope in the hospital.

Prayers for the immediate recovery of the Pope flooded the different platforms following the announcement from Vatican. Supposedly, the 86-year-old Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church had schedules for today and Friday but they were cancelled because of his confinement at Gemelli Hospital.

Citing Italian news agency ANSA’s report, Pope Francis went through a chest CT Scan and laboraties were also conducted. There were no heart problems detected and his blood saturation levels were fine.

Currently, there are still no updates as to whether or not the Pope will return to Vatican for the Holy Week celebrations. Based on the report, prior to being brought at the hospital, he was supposed to give a television interview after a general audience at St. Peter’s Square but it was cancelled and he was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

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