Kind Police Officer Feeds 13-Year-Old Rag Vendor in Naga City

Kind Police Officer Earns Praises Online for Feeding 13-Year-Old Rag Vendor

A kind police officer earns praises from the online community for feeding a 13-year-old rag vendor in Naga City.

A 13-year-old child offered a rag to a police officer in Naga, but since the police officer did not need it, he decided to just give the child some food instead.

According to PSMS Toby Bongon, spokesperson of the Naga City Police Office, he simply asked the child what he wanted to eat. The child then shared that he was under the care of his father as his mother had left them.

Kind Police Officer

At a young age, he was not attending school and was also working to provide for his family.

As the kind police officer was having lunch in a food stall at the market, a young boy approached him and offered to sell him a rag for P20. Although he declined the offer since he didn’t need it, he realized that the boy was trying to make a living through any means necessary, even by selling low-value items.

Out of concern, the policeman asked the child if he would like to have some food. The boy nodded and chose fried chicken. He ate hungrily while the cop talked to him and learned that he was only thirteen years old and not attending school due to his mother’s absence.

Kind Police Officer

When asked about his mother, the boy revealed that she had run away, leaving only his father to take care of him.

Bongon felt sad to hear about the boy’s struggles. Due to his parents’ shortcomings, he was deprived of basic rights such as education, a stable family, and adequate food.

It’s a reality that many others face as well, and Bongon believes that it’s important to continue helping those in need as much as possible.

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Kind Police Officer

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